Schmidt Glass Company specializes in all types of glass repair. If you need custom cut glass to fit a specific need or have a broken window, we can help you. We sell and install glass and mirrors in homes as well as businesses. If you have just recently remodeled your bathroom and need a custom mirror then reach out to us today. We repair broken house windows. We stock a variety of glass and can cut glass to fit your window. We also provide double pane window glass. Double pane glass is when your window is two panes thick with an airspace in between. Sometimes the seal breaks down between the two glasses allowing moisture to enter. This causes your window to look cloudy. Schmidt Glass Company is able to replace the double pane glass and make your window look like new again.

We also provide tempered glass for custom arch windows and for sliding doors. If you have had the misfortune of finding your door window in a heap of shards of glass on the floor and you are not sure what to do about it then contact us today. We will come out as quickly as possible and measure up your glass and get the window boarded up. If it is tempered glass then it will need to be ordered and will take a little bit of time to get it installed. We provide board up services to keep your home dry while you wait for your window to be repaired.

Are you looking for a custom glass shelf? Maybe you have a glass display case or china cupboard and you just are not sure how to replace that special piece of glass that your child broke.

Contact Schmidt Glass Company today at 863-991-4446 for all of your glass needs. We are located in Arcadia, Florida and we service DeSoto County with glass repair and replacement services. We also provide glass repair services to the Lake Suzy and Fort Ogden area as well.